SHIFTIT: Ny norsk digital platform for deling af materialer, scenografi og teknik

Nyt digitalt værktøj: Lån, lej eller sælg brugte materialer, scenografi og teknik. Værktøjet er målrettet alle kulturaktører.

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You know that post-production feeling when you have worked for months and then suddenly it is all over? You need to make room for new projects, but what to do with the stuff? Clear your space and give new life to your set, costumes and props with SHIFTIT!

We are on the verge of a serious climate crisis, to which the culture field is also contributing with its activities.
If we want to see a change in the world, we must act. SHIFTIT is a part of this action.

There are already many examples of sustainable initiatives within art, but we lack a system with plans, resources and structures.
SHIFTIT is a step on the way.

Hos Bæredygtigt Kulturliv NU er vi utroligt glade for at kunne videreformidle SHIFTIT fra de stærke entreprenante folk hos SyvMil Produktion i Bergen.
Tanken om et fælles mødested for distribution af teknik, materialer, scenografi og regi har længe rumsteret mange steder i kulturen i Norden.
Og tanken med Shiftit er at udbrede værktøjet til de nordiske lande.


Who invented Shiftit?

Syv mil, a production company situated in Bergen, Norway. Working with a number of performing arts projects, we realised many props, costumes and sets literally going to landfill. We felt an obligation to contribute to greener art. So here we created SHIFTIT! A community-powered marketplace for the performing arts sector by performing arts people.

Syv mil has a passion for professional performing arts. We work in all parts of the production process. As creative producers, we like to make things happen. Positioned between the creative and the practical process, we have a solid framework to transform vision to reality. We are long term thinkers who make way for financial opportunities, find partners and collaborators, and keep an overview over projects, productions, tours and events.

Fun fact: Syv mil means «seven miles – the seven mile boots is a magical footwear known from folk tales. The boots enable their owner to travel seven miles with one step.

For more information on Syv mil click here.


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